Attention Seekers Taps Eluvio for Embargoed Product Streaming

In advance of the upcoming NAB 2024 show, fan-streaming trailblazer Attention Seekers announced that it has selected Eluvio to provide the back-end technology platform for its next-generation Keystream service, a private press streaming service enabling brands to securely deliver embargoed experiences to journalists, influencers, and fans globally.

Originally established in 2020 to serve major AAA gaming brands, Keystream emerged in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a vital means for brands to release products and announcements despite event cancellations and travel restrictions.

Looking ahead, Keystream will use the Eluvio Content Fabric to offer an advanced platform tailored for forward-thinking gaming and non-endemic brands seeking secure and remote engagement with their global audiences.

The upgraded Keystream service is expected to include a host of market-leading production, distribution, and viewing capabilities for embargoed launches and events. These will include live closed captioning, multi-language productions, industry-leading forensic and watermarking tools, low-latency carbon-efficient streaming, personalized viewing and experiences and innovative in-stream features.

These new innovations will be enabled through the Eluvio Content Fabric, which will be integrated within the company’s premium production and distribution solution, Attention Seekers Connect (AS Connect).

“With Keystream, we aim to revolutionize the way brands creatively and securely engage with their fans,” said Philip Mordecai, CEO of Attention Seekers. “The Keystream service offers a secure and immersive platform that transcends geographical barriers. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge integrated creative, production and distribution solutions has never been stronger, and we are proud to continue leading the charge in shaping the future of live streaming via our fan-first integrated distribution technologies.

“The evolution of Keystream represents a significant milestone in our journey to further innovations in this content space. We look forward to working with the Eluvio team to empower our clients and confidentially unlock embargoed fan-first branded content relationships to fans across the globe.”

Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio, added: “Attention Seekers is clearly at the forefront of delivering secure private video experiences for brands seeking to reach global audiences and influencers at scale. They already have an incredible legacy with some of the most successful gaming and e-sports brands and social influencers in the world, and we’re excited to help bring a new and unmatched user experience to their customers. The Eluvio Content Fabric will enable Attention Seekers to deliver ultra-low latency 4K live and VOD streaming, advanced participant management, and provable engagement insights–all backed by end-to-end tamper-proof content security for embargoed content.”

Key Benefits of Keystream

For brands across the globe, the new Keystream will provide:

• Live and VOD embargoed event hosting with video streaming up to 4K.
• Participant management with single session management and ticketing.
• Secure custom log-in with private fan access and branded experiences.
• Powerful security features with custom watermarking and leak identification.
• Interactive fan tools with real-time interactive live chat and moderated Q&A tools.
• Event Insights with fan feedback and event performance data.

Initially, the new Keystream service will be exclusively available to existing Attention Seekers’ clients, with plans for broader commercial release to third parties scheduled for the summer of 2024. At NAB 2024, Keystream will be showcased at the Eluvio meeting room in West Hall Level 2 meeting room No. W237 within the Las Vegas Convention Center.

To schedule a meeting or to learn about Keystream while at NAB 2024, please click here.