Prime Focus Technologies to Showcase Cutting-edge CLEAR, CLEAR AI Modules at IBC

These newly improved modules leverage generative AI to create, curate, distribute, and monetize content across platforms.

Following the recent accolades as the product of the year at the NAB show earlier this year, the team at Prime Focus Technologies has been working hard to sharpen these offerings further.

Harnessing the power of Generative AI, CLEAR® AI Reframe now takes the art of video transformation to the next level. Seamlessly converting horizontal videos into square and vertical formats, our refined AI reframing technology boasts enhanced accuracy in video resizing.

An indispensable tool for turbocharging your social media journey, this tool empowers you with unrivaled speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Now accessible in 16 diverse languages, we’ve revolutionized text re-creation, multi-focal stabilization, and frame-splitting capabilities, all finely tuned based on valuable insights from numerous customer engagements.

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CLEAR® AI Discover, enriched with Generative AI is a co-pilot for social media content creators. It uses CLEAR® AI to retrieve content accurately and instantly by theme, genre or keywords, harnesses the power of PFT’s patented Machine Wisdom that puts content in context for better quality data, and leverages Generative AI to come up with creative possibilities like never before—suggestions to get relevant clips, content distribution ideas and trending hashtags.

‘Curate,’ and ‘connect with your audience’ faster on social media. Discover has led to a remarkable 70% increase in user engagement on social media platforms, as reported by its users.

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Building upon this foundation, CLEAR® Clip is fortified by generative AI to repurpose existing footage into captivating social media videos effortlessly. Employing CLEAR® AI Discover, this module crafts interesting video clips from available content or stock footage, unlocking substantial revenue potential. By significantly cutting down manual video editing time, CLEAR® Clip becomes a source of inspiration by suggesting automatically generated clips that ignite creativity and engagement. Subsequently, CLEAR® AI Reframe can be utilized to eliminate the time-consuming process of manually resizing these videos for social media platforms. Users have experienced an impressive 50% decrease in editing time and a threefold increase in generating ideas for social content using CLEAR® Clip.

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CLEAR® Localize simplifies the Localization process—it is an elegant, secure interface connecting localization vendors and freelancers globally to manage multiple orders, languages, and media for seamless localization operations. It helps reduce complexity & increase efficiency by deploying the software fast and staying in control. Out with outdated vendor-specific systems, cumbersome spreadsheets, and tedious update hunts via emails or phone calls. In with a modern, streamlined solution that brings ease and efficiency to the complex world of content localization.

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At the heart of our offerings lies years of automation experience and our patented Machine Wisdom technology, underpinned by the formidable capabilities of Generative AI. This unique combination drives cost efficiencies and process enhancements and uncover novel revenue avenues, setting a new benchmark for innovation in the M&E landscape