Deloitte M&E Head Envisions Cloud Transformations

John Footen, managing director of M&E at Deloitte Consulting, sees a future of media and entertainment that centers around hyper-personalization of content, where even a live sporting event can be tailored directly to an individual viewer’s tastes.

But to make that happen, you have your house in order when it comes to one specific technology: the cloud.

“No matter the industry, when you get to the cloud, you can differentiate your products, using that big bucket where all the content exists, not just what’s finished, but the raw power of [assets], allowing each individual viewer to draw on,” Footen told MESA. “Once all the raw footage is in the cloud, with the right amount of computing power, it’s possible to create a version of [content] just for you.

“I’m excited for this next generation. There’s a whole new experience coming for them, not just for sports, but for narrative stories, even news.”

That excitement about the future of content for Deloitte is coming following its recent acquisition of media and broadcast engineering tech specialist National TeleConsultants LLC (NTC), which Deloitte believes will help it make some transformative changes to the media and entertainment supply chain.

The acquisition underscores Deloitte Consulting’s commitment to software engineering with a focus on media and integration, the company said, marking it as a leader in spearheading comprehensive end-to-end digital transformations for the media supply chain.

“The rapid adoption of streaming and direct-to-consumer content experiences has revolutionized the media business, driving unprecedented change among broadcasters, studios and content creators,” said Mic Locker, principal and telecommunications, media and entertainment leader for Deloitte. “This acquisition bolsters Deloitte Consulting’s world-class software engineering capabilities and squarely aligns with the firm’s deep domain expertise, growing our media practice to include in-depth engineering for media and broadcast.”

Based in Glendale, Calif., NTC specializes in both the hardware and software engineering sides of the media supply chain, with a team of experienced software and product engineers now joining Deloitte to drive a full range of complex, technical transformations, including business strategy, technical design and engineering solutions.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Deloitte Consulting, and we look forward to helping our clients drive business agility through the power of market-leading technology,” said current NTC leaders Peter Adamiak and Laurie Morse, who will become managing directors at Deloitte.

Over the past five years, Deloitte has made several significant acquisitions in the software and product engineering space, including the acquisition of most of the assets of product engineering services and embedded software firm Dextra Technologies, and the acquisition of HashedIn Technologies, a cloud-native software engineering and product development firm. Deloitte Consulting has also agreed to acquire most of the assets of BIAS Corporation, a cloud consulting firm and a leader in the Oracle cloud infrastructure market.